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Fungus Toenail Infections

Are your toenails deformed,thickened, brittle, black, brown, yellow or green or white?Do you have a build up of dead tissue under your toenails?If so, you may have a fungal toenail infection. This common disease, or onychomycosis, is an infection of the toenail and tissue under the surface of toenails (nail bed).It is usually caused by a fungi called dermatophytes or can be caused by a yeast infection as well. Once these infections take hold, they will not resolve on their own. These organisms like moist, damp environments and feed off the keratin protein which forms nails.

These toenails may develop a foul odor and are often extremely difficult to cut.They often become ingrown and develop secondary bacterial infections.The smell, difficulty in cutting, pain in or out of shoe gear or their unsightly appearance often lead to people seeking professional care.

Although anyone is capable of developing this infection, it is more common in people with diabetes,immuno-suppressed patients or very active or athletic patients as the trauma to the toenail gives this opportunistic organism a chance to take hold.

Fungal foot infections can be spread. Onychomycosis should be treated to avoid spreading. Fungal toenail infections can usually be treated by a number of different methods.There are topical medications that are very safe but have a lower cure rate.Oral medications have a better success rate but you will need blood tests to avoid side effects.Laser treatment is also an option for treatment but usually isn’t covered by health insurance.

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