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There are many different types of warts ( verrucae ) but all are caused by viruses ( human papilloma viruses ).  There are flat warts that are seen on the hands, knees, face and neck.  Verrucae vulgaris are seen on the hands and knees.  Genital warts are a growing problem and are sexually transmitted.  When it comes to the foot there are 2 main types of verrucae.  They can be found on the top or plantar surface of the foot.  There are verrucae plantaris that grow on the bottom of the foot.  They can grow as isolated lesions or as a few single isolated warts distributed throughout the foot.  A more invasive and harder to treat wart are mosaic verrucae.  As their name infers, they grow in mosaic like patches.  These foot warts are very aggressive.  They grow and spread quickly and can takeover the entire surface of the plantar skin on the foot if not treated in a timely factor.

Commonly mistaken for calluses or corns they frequently go untreated until they become painful or spread.  They can be contagious.  As no one form of treatment will work equally well for all types of warts, there are many different types of treatments that are utilized to rid these painful unsightly lesions from the skin.  The most common treatment methods are different types of acids topically applied ona daily or weekly basis, electro-dessication where the warts are literally electrocuted to death, lasers,  cryotherapy which involves freezing them and surgically  excising them.  Unfortunately, as the viruses that cause warts continue to live in the body, there is no one sure treatment method which will guarantee that these lesions do not come back.

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